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I just really love Fringe and Imagine Dragons, Ok.
My beautiful humans: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and Dan Reynolds.

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30 Day TV Meme:    ↳ [Day 3.] Favorite new show of 2014: Reckless

30 Day TV Meme:
    ↳ [Day 3.] Favorite new show of 2014: Reckless

*slaps leg* Well damn you guys, I thought FOR SURE Peter had a knee-length dick~

*slaps leg* Well damn you guys, I thought FOR SURE Peter had a knee-length dick~

When does Fringe: Sins of The Father take place? Just how bad was it?

It takes place in Summer of 2008, like two months before he meets Olivia. And oh it was as bad as Olivia’s book. I’ve been live tweeting it all day but here’s a few choice bits:

hey, im really curious - why dont you recommend the fringe novels? :0 are they that bad and why?? i wanted to get them but now im not sure anymore

Terrible terrible things. Disgracing everything Fringe. DO. NOT. READD. Seriously the mistakes and total disregard for everything actually canon is insulting. These books are hard to read and as a fringe fan you’re cringing the entire time. Walter’s wasn’t too terrible- although it was strange. But Olivia’s and Peter’s are deplorable and again, insulting. Not only does Christa Faust disregard any attempt at continuity, but she continues to portray the characters as nothing more than flimsy, greedy, broken and heavily sexualized. It’s awful and hurts my heart. It makes you wonder if Faust had actually watched the series before taking people’s money in the name of a nothing more than shitty fanfiction.


Fringe Novels by Christa Faust

The Zodiac Paradox — release: 5/21
The Burning Man — release: 7/16
Sins of The Father — release: 10/15

NO. DO NOT READ. I posted this before I knew what kind of shit was up. I REPEAT DO NOT READ

Christa Faust reaches staggering new lows as she not only continues to rewrite the Fringe story line, but chooses as well to fuck up the year 9/11 happened.

- My review for Sins of The Father after reading p229

You don’t know true anguish until you’ve put your pepperoni pizza hotpocket in the microwave only to realize 2 minutes later it was really ham and cheese

I’m reading Peter’s novel Sins of The Father right now and live tweeting this train wreck. Enjoy my sarcastic comments y’all @subject13fringe

30 Day TV Meme:    ↳ [Day 2.] A show that needs more viewers: The Lottery

30 Day TV Meme:
    ↳ [Day 2.] A show that needs more viewers: The Lottery





Why yes I have bathed in the blood of a virgin

I got a nose bleed in the shower once


why did you have sex

The 4400 is the show you picked that shouldn't've gotten cancelled? What about FRINGE? :(

Aw well everyone always says there’s a gray area here but technically Fringe didn’t get cancelled… It barely got picked up for a 13 ep 5th season and that’s where they decided to end it. The story ran it’s course…. They’d planned to end it there. And despite how much I wanted like 10 more seasons, Fringe did end the right way. I was comfortable with it. Emotional. But comfortable.

The 4400 just stopped. We never got a resolution and it’s something that’s been eating away at me for years.

30 Day TV Meme:    ↳ [Day 1.] A show that never should have been cancelled: The 4400

30 Day TV Meme:
    ↳ [Day 1.] A show that never should have been cancelled: The 4400